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DuPage County sexual harassment attorneyOver the last few years, ridesharing industry leader Uber has faced a number of significant legal challenges. The San Francisco-based tech firm has been the focus of numerous lawsuits related to the employment status of its driver/partners, the company’s background check processes, and other concerns that have made headlines across the country. Now, Uber is reeling once again as an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment has cost at least 20 individuals their jobs.

An Incendiary Blog Post

In February of this year, a former software engineer for Uber published a blog post that drew national attention. Her post outlined several examples of what she considered systemic sexism and sexual harassment that permeated the company’s culture. Following the publishing of the post, dozens of reports were made by female Uber employees about their own experiences at the company. All told, 215 reports of sexual harassment were filed, and large-scale boycotts started to take root nationwide—many of them highlighted by the social media tag #deleteUber.

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DuPage County divorce attorneysThe transition from being married to being divorced is not an easy one. You are still technically married but may be living apart from your spouse, and household items are beginning to be divided. Children may begin spending time with both parents separately. There is no perfect way to execute a separation but experts agree that creating healthy boundaries and rules at the beginning of the process can prevent conflict later in the divorce proceedings.

Be Proactive Instead of Reactive

The best way to avoid conflict with your soon-to-be-ex is to establish rules and boundaries from the very beginning. Sit down with your spouse in a quiet, neutral location and discuss your situation, writing down notes as you go. Consider issues such as:

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DuPage County sexual harassment attorneysMost people are aware that inappropriate touching and overt sexual advances generally constitute sexual harassment in the workplace. Verbal sexual harassment, however, includes more than just requests for physical acts and obvious catcalls. Unfortunately, many types of verbal harassment are obscured by what society tends to consider “normal behavior,” but “normal” does not make such conduct acceptable. If the behavior is consistent and unwanted—and you have made it clear that you want it to stop—you could have grounds to file a sexual harassment complaint.

What Is Verbal Harassment?

It is important to understand that verbal harassment can include suggestions, jokes, or innuendoes. It can also include a co-worker or supervisor asking inappropriate personal questions or sharing intimate details of his or her sex life. In many cases, verbal sexual harassment will be perpetrated subtly against all workers of one gender in a particular work setting, but just because no one person is singled out does not mean that it is not harassment.

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DuPage County family lawyersSometimes, cases do not work out exactly the way we think they will. You may not receive the full amount of maintenance or child support that you were seeking, or you might not receive the parenting time you desired. While some decisions cannot be challenged, many if not most can be appealed or petitions may be filed to request reconsideration. In short, in most cases, all is not lost if you receive a denial or other unsatisfactory result.

Appeals and Motions

There are two primary methods through which a request to reconsider may be filed in Illinois. Which one you should use depends on the nature of the perceived problem with your case. If you believe that the judge made an error of law, and your attorney raised the proper objection at the proper time, it is appropriate to file an appeal. The Illinois Supreme Court Rules govern the relevant procedure, and the requirements are strict. You must file your appeal within 30 days of the final judgment’s entry (or the entry of the relevant order, in some situations), and the record is restricted to questions of law. You may not simply re-litigate your case in a new courtroom.

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DuPage County sexual harassment lawyersTroubling research suggests that at least one in three women experience sexual harassment in the workplace. It is a frightening statistic that lifts the lid on the darker side of employment. Despite the relative frequency of these incidents, many companies are still ill-equipped to deal with reports of sexual harassment. This has left many women and men unsure of how to react to unwanted advances.

There is no question that sexual harassment in any way, shape, or form is a serious matter. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Commission, even behavior such as teasing or offhand comments can be considered sexual harassment if it happens frequently enough that it creates an offensive or hostile work environment. It could also be considered sexual harassment if it leads to an adverse employment decision in which the victim is demoted or terminated.

Discuss the Issue With the Harasser

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