Will Perpetrators of Sexual Harassment Face Consequences?

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Sexual harassment is a problem that affects not only the victims, but can negatively impact the entire workplace environment. Understanding when and how perpetrators of this type of misconduct can be held accountable is critical for fostering a safe and respectful workplace. An experienced attorney can help sexual harassment victims navigate these difficult situations, ensuring that their voices are heard and fight for them to make sure justice is served.

The Importance of Speaking Up Against Sexual Harassment

The first step in ensuring that perpetrators of sexual harassment face consequences is for victims or witnesses to speak up. Silence often allows such behavior to continue unchecked, allowing the issue to affect more people and embedding toxic behavior into the culture of a workplace.

Speaking up and ensuring that a company takes action will send a powerful message that sexual harassment will not be tolerated. It encourages others to come forward, and it can lead to broader changes in policies and attitudes that protect everyone.

Numerous resources are available to support those who have been affected by sexual harassment. State and federal laws prohibit sexual harassment, which may include any unwanted sexual advances, offensive jokes, comments about a person’s appearance or sexuality, or actions that make a person feel uncomfortable. 

These laws also provide procedures through which victims can seek justice. For example, a person who has faced negative career consequences due to sexual harassment may pursue compensation for the financial losses he or she has experienced, such as lost income due to wrongful termination or being denied a promotion. A victim of sexual harassment may also be compensated for issues such as emotional trauma and harm to his or her personal reputation.

Consequences for Perpetrators of Sexual Harassment

People who commit sexual harassment in the workplace can face significant legal consequences, including:

  • Civil lawsuits for damages suffered by victims
  • Criminal charges, which may apply in cases involving physical or sexual assault, coercion, or other actions taken to harm victims
  • Orders of protection or restraining orders that may limit contact between the offender and the victim

The professional repercussions of being found guilty of sexual harassment can also be severe. They may include:

  • Termination of employment - Many organizations have strict policies against harassment, and evidence that a person has engaged in these types of activities may lead to immediate termination.
  • Loss of professional licenses or certifications - This is especially true in regulated industries such as healthcare and education.
  • Long-term career damage - Allegations of sexual harassment can continue to affect a person long after a case is resolved and his or her future employment opportunities may be affected.

Beyond the legal and professional outcomes, people who engage in sexual harassment may also face personal repercussions such as:

  • Public exposure and social ostracism, particularly in tight-knit communities
  • Strained personal relationships with friends, family, and colleagues
  • Psychological and emotional challenges, including guilt and shame from their actions

Legal Assistance for Sexual Harassment Victims

While victims may be able to address sexual harassment by following a company’s internal procedures, an attorney can provide guidance on the best ways they can protect their rights and obtain justice for the harm they have suffered. A lawyer can help ensure that a perpetrator is held accountable and that the proper steps are taken to prevent harassment from occurring in the future. They can assist with:

  • Evaluating the merits of a case based on evidence and witness testimonies
  • Navigating the complex legal landscape of state and federal laws regarding workplace sexual harassment
  • Providing representation in civil litigation to ensure that a victim’s rights are protected and they receive the compensation and justice they deserve

Contact Our DuPage County, IL Sexual Harassment Attorneys

In situations involving workplace sexual harassment, it is essential to take action to address the harm done to a victim and ensure that he or she is protected against future harm. At Mirabella, Kincaid, Frederick & Mirabella, LLC., our Wheaton, IL sexual harassment lawyers are committed to supporting victims of sexual harassment and advocating for harassment-free workplaces. We understand the sensitivity of these issues, and we are dedicated to handling these cases with the utmost care and professionalism. To set up a consultation and learn how we can assist with these matters, please contact us at 630-665-7300. 

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