How Do Illinois Child Support Orders Address Children’s Expenses?

Illinois child supportChild support is a crucial issue in many divorce and family law cases. It helps ensure that children's financial needs will be met after their parents separate. In the state of Illinois, child support orders are designed to address various expenses related to raising children. To understand what considerations may affect the calculation of child support and what expenses will need to be addressed, a parent can work with an attorney who has experience representing clients in family law cases.

Determining Child Support in Illinois

In Illinois, child support determinations are made based on what is known as an “income shares” model. The calculation of child support obligations will take both parents' incomes into account, and the costs involved in raising children will be divided proportionally between the parents based on their respective levels of income. In many cases, the parent who has the majority of the parenting time will receive child support payments from the other parent. However, in cases where parents share equal or near-equal amounts of parenting time, or have at least 146 overnights, additional calculations are required to divide child support obligations based on the amount of overnight time children spend with each parent. 

Courts may consider several factors when calculating child support, including:

  • The income and resources of each parent

  • The standard of living the child would have enjoyed if the parent’s marriage had not ended

  • The child's financial needs and other relevant circumstances

  • Prior obligations or liabilities of each parent

Covered Expenses Under Child Support Orders in Illinois

Illinois law recognizes that raising a child involves numerous costs beyond just basic necessities like food and clothing. As a result, child support orders aim to encompass a wide range of expenses associated with caring for children. These expenses might include:

  • Housing costs and other daily expenses: Children require a place to live, and their nutritional needs, clothing, grooming, and other regular expenses must be addressed. These expenses are usually covered in the “basic child support obligation” that is calculated based on the income earned by both parents.

  • Educational expenses: From school tuition fees to books and supplies, there are a variety of expenses related to children’s education that parents may need to pay. These expenses may be divided between parents.

  • Healthcare and medical expenses: Child support orders typically include provisions for dividing costs such as insurance premiums, co-pays, prescriptions, dental visits, and orthodontic treatment between parents.

  • Child care costs: For parents who work outside the home or attend school, child care often becomes a necessity. A child support order may require both parents to contribute to daycare expenses or other related costs, ensuring that children will be properly cared for during these times.

  • Extracurricular activities: Children benefit greatly from participation in activities such as sports teams, music lessons, art classes, and summer camps. A child support order may include provisions for how parents will divide the expenses related to these activities.

Parents will need to understand how different types of expenses will be addressed in a child support order. In many cases, an order will detail the obligation calculated using the guidelines in Illinois law, and it will also detail how parents will share the costs of medical insurance, child care, and other ongoing needs. It may also specify how other types of expenses will be handled, such as extracurricular activities, school fees, and school supplies.

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