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dupage county sexual harassment lawyerEven after many years of discussions, trainings, and high-profile media cases regarding sexual harassment, this terrible behavior continues in many different scenarios. Sexual harassment can affect victims so significantly that they no longer feel safe coming to work or performing their work duties. It may create a hostile, intimidating, or offensive workplace. 

Fortunately, state and federal law prohibit sexual harassment and provide avenues for legal relief for victims who are suffering from this behavior at work - even if it comes from people who are not the victim’s coworkers or managers. If you are being sexually harassed at work by a customer or client, read on. 

What Can I Do if I Am Being Sexually Harassed By a Customer? 

If you are being sexually harassed by customer, it is important to know that you are protected by the law and you have rights. You do not have to tolerate this unacceptable behavior. Begin by trying to address the issue directly with the customer. This may be difficult, but it is an important part of the process; without informing the customer that their actions are bothering you, it may be more difficult to bring a case later on.

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Wheaton sexual harassmentMany workplaces have employees who have flirty, fun relationships with each other. Although a professional might counsel people not to engage in this behavior just to stay on the safe side, as long as everybody consents, this behavior may not be a problem. 

But for some, a teasing or light-hearted workplace attitude toward sexual jokes, innuendo, or flirting may be a problem because it opens them up to subtle sexual harassment. Without obvious behaviors that are easy to identify as sexual harassment, victims can struggle to put their finger on why certain behaviors make them uncomfortable. They may feel pressure from their colleagues to “lighten up” or “not make a big deal out of it.” Unfortunately, this can make things worse and eventually lead to the kind of hostile or offensive work environment that the Illinois Human Rights Act prohibits. If you suspect you are the target of sexual harassment, read on to learn about subtle ways sexual harassment may appear, and then learn how you can take action by contacting an Illinois sexual harassment lawyer. 

Commenting on Physical Appearance

Employees are usually together for around 40 hours a week; they see each others’ new clothes, haircuts, and weight gains or losses. Many employees pay friendly compliments to each other, but the line between a compliment and a sexually harassing statement can be hard to define. If someone makes a compliment that is sexual in nature, feels inappropriate, or makes you feel objectified or intimidated, it may be sexual harassment - especially if such comments are ongoing. 

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dupage county child support lawyer Child support payments may be an important part of your life, long after the divorce, and while most parents are happy to support their children financially, life can sometimes get in the way of being able to pay the same amount of support that you had in recent years. If you have experienced a substantial change in circumstances, such as a job change or loss, you may need to ask a court to modify your child support obligation. It is important to understand when and how child support orders can be modified and an experienced Illinois family lawyer can help. 

Why Might a Child Support Order Be Modified? 

Parents cannot simply unilaterally change child the amount of their support payments; this would be a drain on state resources and lead to an unacceptable lack of predictability for both parents and children who are dependent on support payments for their well-being. Courts require a “substantial” change in a parent’s circumstances before hearing a child support modification petition. These may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Job loss or significant salary reduction
  • Significant salary increase
  • Serious injury, illness, or disability that interferes with a parent’s ability to work
  • A self-employed parent’s business closure 
  • Major change in expenses (such as a new child support order or new, ongoing medical bills for the adult making payments)

A judge will carefully examine the reasons a parent is requesting that an order be modified, including past behavior around child support. If it seems a parent has deliberately lost his or her job, is falsely claiming disability, or has tried to get out of child support payments in the past, a judge may refuse to approve the petition. 

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dupage county parenting time lawyerEven when a parenting plan has worked well for years, children get older, parents’ living and work arrangements change, and everyone may find that an existing parenting plan no longer works. If you are interested in changing your parenting plan - especially if you believe your child’s other parent may not agree to the changes - it is important to understand when parenting plans can be modified and what your options may be. Read on to learn more about this important topic, and then contact an Illinois family lawyer for help. 

Understand What You Need to Change

Parenting plans in Illinois are made of two separate but important components: The allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time. Parental responsibilities is the term for describing which parent has the authority to make important decisions on behalf of the child regarding healthcare, religious upbringing, education, and extracurricular activities. You and your ex may share parental responsibilities, or you may each make decisions in a particular area. Parenting time is simply the schedule that describes the time each child spends with each parent, including weekend and holiday schedules. Your circumstances may necessitate a change in parental responsibilities, parenting time, or both. 

Substantial Change in Circumstances

Generally speaking, courts want children to experience as much stability and predictability as possible. If your parenting plan was originally ordered or changed in the last two years and you and the other parent disagree about the proposed modification, you usually cannot ask for a change in parental responsibilities unless a child is in danger. 

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wheaton sexual harassment lawyerDespite increased cultural awareness of the potential power imbalance inherent in certain workplace relationships, people continue to meet, date, and eventually marry romantic partners at work. The constant close proximity with colleagues, in addition to the challenges people often tackle at work together, create an easy opportunity for close personal relationships to develop. 

Although these relationships may start consensually and may not violate any workplace agreements or codes of conduct, when they end, the awkwardness and unpleasantness of a personal breakup often carry over into the workplace. Unfortunately, one former partner may continue to act in a sexually aggressive way or make unwanted advances at work. If you are the target of this type of sexual harassment, it is important to know that you are still a victim of unethical behavior that may rise to the level of illegality. Your employer may be responsible for taking action. 

Can Sexual Harassment Happen at Work After a Breakup? 

Victims of sexual harassment from a former romantic partner may be hesitant to come forward because of the fear of exposing their relationship, facing ridicule, or not being taken seriously. This can be especially true when one or both former partners are either married or in a relationship with someone else and a workplace sexual harassment claim risks exposing a secret relationship that could jeopardize someone’s marriage. 

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