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dupage county divorce lawyerCouples (or one individual partner) often consider divorce long before they actually discuss it or begin the process of finding attorneys and filing for divorce. Being unprepared for a divorce can cause major disruptions in a family’s life, and there are many things to consider carefully before officially getting started. 

One obstacle that often results in a delay between wanting to get a divorce and actually filing for one is when couples cannot afford to live independently of each other. With home prices and rents rising astronomically over the last year, a couple may feel trapped in their current living situation but also feel as though there are no other options. If this situation sounds familiar to you, you may be surprised to learn that you can actually get divorced even if you are still living in the same house throughout your divorce process and even after the divorce is finalized. 

Living Separate and Apart

While Illinois couples need not (and cannot) accuse each other of fault in divorce, such as infidelity or abandonment, they do still have to show that their relationship has ended because of irreconcilable differences. One way this is done is through living separate and apart. 

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dupage county sexual harassment lawyerIn an effort to address widespread complaints about significant rates of sexual harassment in Illinois restaurants, Governor J.B. Pritzker signed a bill into law in 2019 requiring restaurants to provide sexual harassment prevention training to employees. However, even though most restaurants are meeting their legal training requirements, sexual harassment continues unabated at many institutions. 

Restaurants can be particularly difficult workplaces to manage cases of sexual harassment because the atmosphere is often hectic, casual, and friendly. Coworkers frequently date each other and outgoing, flirtatious personalities tend to be drawn to customer-facing roles where tips can be significant. Nevertheless, unwanted sexual attention is something no one should have to deal with at work, and it is possible to draw clear lines between appropriate and inappropriate behavior. If you work at an Illinois restaurant and need help dealing with sexual harassment at work, contact an experienced sexual harassment attorney. 

What Behavior is Considered Sexual Harassment in a Restaurant? 

While restaurant environments are generally more casual than office workplaces, the same kind of behavior that constitutes sexual harassment of a secretary or banker is considered sexual harassment of a waitress or bartender. Studies suggest that, like in other industries, restaurant workers are often sexually harassed by managers and coworkers, but restaurants present a unique opportunity for employees to be sexually harassed by customers - especially those under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This often leads to customers who: 

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dupage county divorce lawyerParents of minor children who are getting divorced in Illinois have so many things they need to take care of before the final divorce verdict is handed down. In addition to issues of property divisionspousal support, and child support, they must create a workable parenting plan and make significant adjustments in their living arrangements. It is no wonder that in the chaos and difficulty of making sure the children are well cared for and adjusted that sometimes little details slip by unnoticed. 

One area that many divorced parents might leave unaddressed is whether one specific parent has the right to claim their children as a tax dependent on their tax returns in the future. While this may seem like a minor detail, it can have significant financial implications and, if done incorrectly, may have legal implications as well. Read on to learn about how you can resolve this important issue. 

Child Tax Exemptions and Divorce

The right to claim a child as a dependent can have a significant impact on the amount of taxes a parent pays in the future. Each child can only be claimed once, so it is important for parents to negotiate this issue as part of the broader divorce decree. Both parents claiming a child can result in tax delays, audits, and even penalties for breaking tax law. 

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kane county divorce lawyerMost people who choose to end their marriage want to mitigate the hostility, stress, and contention of the divorce process as much as possible. However, they also want to ensure that they will receive the best possible outcome. For many, resolving the divorce through collaborative law is the answer.

 An Illinois collaborative divorce is a type of dissolution of marriage that allows couples to end their marriage through negotiation and agreement rather than through litigation. In a collaborative divorce, the parties work with their respective attorneys to reach an agreement on all aspects of their divorce, including child-related issues, property division, and spousal support. Once an agreement is reached, the parties submit the agreement to the court for approval.

 Participation Agreements Are at the Heart of the Collaborative Divorce Process

One of the key aspects of a collaborative divorce is the participation agreement. The participation agreement is a contract between the spouses, their attorneys, and any other participants that outlines the terms of the divorce process. 

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dupage county sexual harassment lawyerFederal law defines a hostile work environment as one in which behavior is severe or pervasive enough to create an environment that a reasonable person would find to be hostile. Anything from constantly being asked on a date to unwanted physical contact may lead to a hostile work environment.

Sexual harassment is something no one should tolerate. This blog will explain some common manifestations of hostile work environment harassment and what you can do if you believe you have been a victim.

Examples of Hostile Work Environment Harassment

There are a few things to consider when determining whether or not your workplace is a hostile work environment. The first is whether the behavior in question is unwelcome. If you have made it clear to the person engaging in the behavior that it is unwelcome, and they continue to do it anyway, that is a good indicator that the environment may be hostile.

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