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dupage county sexual harassment lawyerFor many, being a professional musician is a dream occupation. However, more and more information is being uncovered about the true nature of the music industry. HBO recently released The Idol, which explores the darker side of being a famous musician. The docuseries focuses on sexual harassment, abuse, and manipulation suffered by musicians in pursuit of stardom. The series comes just after former pop sensation R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 years for sex trafficking.

Sexual harassment in the music industry is not a new phenomenon. Fortunately, people are beginning to take sexual harassment allegations seriously. If you were sexually harassed, it is important to take action immediately. If you report the sexual harassment to your employer and the problem is not rectified, the next step may be to take legal action in the form of a sexual harassment claim.

Working in the Music Industry is Less Glamorous Than Many Realize

Being a singer, songwriter, music producer, or musician may seem glamourous. However, many people working in the music industry describe the experience as anything but glamourous. Many musicians report being sexually harassed or even sexually assaulted by individuals of power. After years of struggling to “make it,” some sexual harassment victims are afraid that reporting sexual harassment will mean the end of their careers. Unfortunately, sexual harassment usually escalates. It begins with a few comments or seemingly harmless jokes. If the subject of the harassment tolerates the harassment, the perpetrator amplifies his or her behavior. This is why it is so important to speak up the first time someone does or says something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

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wheaton sexual harassment lawyerSexual harassment may involve anything from offensive “jokes” to unwanted physical contact of a sexual nature. Multiple state and federal laws prohibit sexual harassment. Unfortunately, workers in a wide range of industries continue to experience sexual harassment.

If you have experienced sexual harassment – or even just behavior that made you feel uncomfortable, it is important to speak up. Do not let the harassment continue. File a complaint according to your company’s sexual harassment policy. If the harassment does not stop or if your employer retaliates against you, you should speak to a lawyer about taking legal action.

As you deal with the situation, make sure to avoid the following common mistakes.

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dupage county divorce lawyerGoogle Trends shows that searches for the term “narcissist” have increased dramatically in the last decade. More and more people are recognizing narcissistic behaviors in their friends, family, or coworkers and then using the popular search engine to learn more.

If you are divorcing someone who fits the description of a narcissist, you are likely in store for a bumpy ride. Fortunately, there are many tools and resources you can use to stay sane during the divorce process. As you prepare for the split, start building a “toolkit” of useful skills, resources, and individuals who can help you throughout the divorce.  

Why Divorcing Someone with Narcissistic Tendencies is So Difficult

The term “narcissist” technically refers to someone with narcissistic personality disorder. However, the term is often used informally to refer to someone who is selfish, unsympathetic, or cruel. Divorcing someone with narcissistic tendencies will likely be exhausting and complicated. He or she may refuse to cooperate with the divorce process, gaslight you, or even threaten you. Narcissists may hide assets or lie about their income on financial paperwork during the divorce. It is important to be prepared. 

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illinois divorce lawyerWhether it is playing a game of blackjack or keno, betting on sports, or buying a lottery ticket, Americans love to gamble. For many, gambling is a casual hobby. For others, however, gambling is a full-blown addiction. The National Center for Responsible Gaming reports that about one percent of the U.S. adult population suffers from a severe gambling problem. However, many experts believe that number is higher than reported.

If your spouse has a gambling addiction, you know first-hand how destructive it can be on both a financial level and a personal level. Many marriages cannot withstand the impact of addiction, and the couple ends up getting a divorce. If you are divorcing someone with a gambling problem, it is important to take steps to protect yourself.

Gambling Addiction Affects the Whole Family

Scientists believe that a neurotransmitter called dopamine is the main brain chemical involved in gambling addiction. The feel-good chemical compels the gambler to continue gambling – even if he or she is losing money. Once the money is lost, the gambler desperately tries to make up for the losses by gambling more. It is a vicious cycle.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_540435490.jpg Child support payments can vary significantly. Some people pay less than a hundred dollars a month toward child support, while others pay several thousand dollars each month. In Illinois, the exact amount a parent pays in child support is typically determined by a statutory formula described in Illinois law. However, Illinois courts have the authority to deviate from the child support guidelines in certain situations.

Courts Can Deviate from the Income Shares Formula

The Income Shares calculation method uses the parents’ net incomes to reach an appropriate payment amount. Most of the time, Illinois courts follow these statutory guidelines for child support calculations. However, Illinois law allows courts to deviate from this calculation method if using the guidelines would be unfair to either party or not in the child’s best interests.

Each situation is different. Sometimes, courts need to deviate from the child support guidelines because a child has extraordinary medical needs. For example, a child with severe cerebral palsy may need extensive medical treatment and in-home care. The child support order may need to be adjusted to account for these needs. In other cases, following the guidelines would result in a child support payment amount that exceeds the child’s needs or the obligor’s ability to pay. 

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